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About the Author

Born in the 20th & 1/2 century, Frank is a mostly sane individual who has lived most of his life in the wilds of California. During his many trips around the sun, he has had the ability to travel extensively throughout this third planet and seen first hand many of its delights and rarities.

His children, (whom he read to while they still possessed that wonderment of youth and saw mystery and adventure at every turn), are why most of his books were written. To further amuse and titillate their creative spirit; before the onset of adolescents pushed it far back into the deep recesses of their minds and then became lost with the dawning of adulthood, he wrote stories for them, about them and about the things happening in their lives.

It is his hope that a new generation of creative, adventure-seeking youth will take up the torch and boldly experience life with eyes of wonder once again. And with some intervention, perhaps of an unworldly nature, his fellow adults may to re-experience this bliss they have misplaced in those cavernous recesses.

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